• Landscaping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    The key to your satisfaction and peace of mind is learning how to avoid landscaping mistakes before they happen. The experienced professionals at DeMartinis Landscaping can help you make the most of your free time and landscaping budget with tips that show you how to get it right the first time.

    Common Landscape Design Mistakes

    Failure to Plan
    Thumbing through gardening magazines or strolling through your local nursery may spark your imagination and enthusiasm but coming home with a carload of plants before deciding where to put them may leave you disappointed with the finished result. In addition to researching the unique requirements and potential growth of each species, it’s important to strive for balance, harmony, and sustainability when considering your design. The team of landscape design experts at DeMartinis Landscaping can help you achieve the look you desire while adding beauty and value to your home.

    Neglecting the Front Yard
    Many homeowners make the mistake of focusing on the backyard where they spend most of their free time, to the detriment of the front yard space. In addition, consider your view of the yard from your indoor living area, focus on your curb appeal by adding some color and dimension and defining the pathway to your front door.

    Bad Pruning Habits
    Pruning is a vital component of landscape maintenance, which, when done correctly can encourage and control the growth and shape of your plants. When done incorrectly, however, pruning can cause damage to your plants and cause your landscaping to appear unprofessional and susceptible to pest and disease damage.

    Cutting Your Grass Too Low
    Whether your intention is to mimic the look of your favorite golf course, or to stretch out the amount of time in between mowing, cutting your grass too low can have dire consequences to its health and appearance. When too much of the stalk is removed, the grass is unable to properly undergo photosynthesis and root growth may be stunted. For best results, aim for a height that matches the variety and species of turf or hire DeMartinis Landscaping for expert lawn maintenance services.

    Excessive Ornamentation
    Decorative items serve a unique function in most outdoor designs, but one of the biggest landscape design mistakes you can make to allow them to take over your yard. Focus your efforts on creating a more natural and varied decor, incorporate a mixture of shrubs, grasses, flowers, and trees, with just a few strategically placed, high-quality decorations to attract the eye.

    Not Using the Correct Irrigation
    Adequate levels of moisture are crucial to a healthy lawn and garden where both overwatering and underwatering can have detrimental effects. A professionally installed irrigation system takes the guesswork out of watering your plants and can be customized to meet the unique requirements of the various plants around your property.

    Neglecting to Think About Color
    Choose your color palette prior to planting, to ensure the colors work with each other and the exterior of your home. Too many colors or too much of one color can be overwhelming, while too little may appear boring. Factor in seasonal color variations by researching flowering shrubs and variations in foliage prior to installation.

    Avoid the pitfalls of DIY landscaping by hiring the trained experts at DeMartinis Landscaping for all your residential or commercial landscaping needs. Your yard isn’t the only place where accidents happen; if you need professional design assistance or remediation due to excessive ground water, call the experts at DeMartinis Landscaping for effective and efficient property drainage services you can count on.