Time to get your Lawn & Garden Ready for Winter

Winter has come and the landscape is quietly going to sleep for the winter.  That makes January the ideal time to put your garden to rest for the season. To get your landscaping off to a healthy start next spring here are a few tips to give your landscaping a head start this spring:

  • Pull out and dispose of your summer annuals.
  • Cut back your perennials and divide as necessary.
  • Remove thatch, moss, leaves and other organic matter from your lawn and give it a winter fertilizer treatment.
  • Apply an anti-desiccant to your evergreen shrubs to protect them from ‘Winter Burn’.

Properly putting your landscape to bed for the winter can save you extra work, and money, next spring!  If you need a professional fall clean-up, pruning, fertilizer application or any other service call us at (973) 822-8931 for a free estimate.