DEMARTINIS landecafing lna Name: DelMARTINIS landecafing lxc. (973) 822-8931 Address: Phone: Please Schedule The DeMartinis Fall Chrysanthemum Special Following 'MUMS' Installation: CHRYSANTHEMUM COLOR: We will professionally install fresh and colorful 8 YELLOW Mums for just $120.00/Dozen. WHITE choose from five vibrant colors! BRONZE other plants/annuals need to be removed an additional labor and disposalfees will apply PURPLE ORANGE DeMartinis Classic Harvest Design Package TOTAL (By The Dozen ONLYX We will professionally install fresh and colorful 8" Mums, Signature of Approval Bales of Straw, Corn Stalks, Pumpkins and Gourds. Basic Packages start at just $350.00! Location of Installation Speciic Packages/Designs can be provided upon request-Please contoct our office TULIPS-DAFFODILS & MORE Piease Note That we will do our best to provide you with the color (a) that you have chosen above. However, we reserve the Fall Planning for Spring Color right to sabstitute colors based upon anailability and quality. Additionally, unless oery specifie locations are prooided, we Call today to schedule your appointment for a complimentary will se rprofessional judgement on the exact final place (973) 822-8931 Design Consultation ment and color schemes installed

DeMartinis Core Aeration & Over-Seeding DEMARTINIS landecagiag loa Core Aeration and Over-Seeding can help to make your lawn healthier and reduce its maintenance through these means: Improved Air Exchange Name: Enhanced Water/Fertilizer Uptake Address: Reduced Water Runoff and Puddling Phone: Stronger Roots Please Schedule The AIMAN AMMO Reduced Soil Compaction Following Lawn Service tamee Enhanced Heat and Drought Stress ATE r UPECOra wYuSTE NIENTS BLARC CET CORE AERATION & Tolerance IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING B-10 WEEKS FOLLOWING BEFORE LAWN OVER-SEEDING Enhanced Thatch Breakdown Lawns should be aerated annually. If your lawn is growing on heavy day or subsoils then Signature of Approval: it is recommended that you aerate more than once per season. Ifyou are alreadty a client od have signed up for LAWN AERATION & DelMARTINIS landeceaftng la these services we will automatically schedule this SEEDING START AT JUST $150.00 service for you in September. Your signature of thls agreement shall be automaticaly renewed for CALL FOR DETAILED PRICING TODAY! additional seasons unless either party, by wrleten notice, notfies the other at least thirty days befere the end of any twelve month re newal perlod that it intends to teminate the services (973) 822-8931

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